Stopped time


  1. Senior level: 4 x 10-minute quarters; 5-minute overtime if necessary.

  2. Bantam Juvenile, Junior level: 4 x 8-minute quarters; 3-minute overtime if necessary

  3. Bantam level:  4-minute shifts for first 3 quarters

    • Stop clock at sound of all whistles

    • Start clock as referee drops hand (referee that hands the ball into play)

    • Exceptions:  In the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and overtime – stop clock if a field goal is scored.


Possession Arrow 


  1. Once the ball is tipped, the team that did not win the tip is awarded the possession arrow and receives the ball if a jump ball situation occurs – the possession arrow is changed after a new jump ball situation.

  2. TIP: if using the yellow plastic arrow key, point the arrow opposite the direction after the jump ball.

  3. At the start of each four eight-minute quarter (or shift for bantam) the possession arrow is used to determine who receives the ball



  1. Indicate on the score board one:

    •  (1) point for every made free throw; two

    • (2) points for every made field goal; three

    • (3) points for every made 3-point field goal.

    • Referee’s hand signals indicate what each shot is worth.


  1. Are requested through the score-table. 

  2. Granted at the next whistle or if the requesting team is scored upon. 

    • Two (2) one-minute timeouts in the first half.

    • Three (3) one-minute timeouts in the second half per team. 

    • One (1) timeout per team per overtime period. 

    • Team will only have 2 time outs max in the last 2 mins.  It means that the team loses 1 time out if they do not use it in the entire 2nd half (3rd and 4th Quarter).

Quarter Breaks


  1. One minutes break between quarters 

  2. Sound the horn with 10 sec remaining in the quarter break. 

  3. Reset all bonus lights, team fouls after each quarter.

  4. 5 minutes or less for Jr game and below for halftime

  5. 10 minutes or less for Sr games for halftime.



  1. Senior = (5) minute overtime period;

  2. Junior levels = (3) minute overtime period. (1) minute break heading into each overtime

  3. The 4th quarter bonus situation carries over into all overtime periods.                 



Communicate with “scorer” at all times to ensure game score is correct



(24 seconds for Sr Girls only.  Other levels are 30 secs)


Stop the clock when…

  1. An official blows the whistle for a foul or violation.

  2. A ball enters the basket.

  3. A shot touches the ring. 

  4. The game is stopped because of a defensive or technical foul from the defending team. 

  5. The game is stopped because of an action not connected with either team.

    • After any of these actions the clock is reset to twenty-four (24) seconds as soon as a team gains control of a live ball on the playing court.

    • Note that the mere touching of the ball by an opponent does not start a new twenty-four second period if the other team remains in control of the ball.

    • If foul is in the front court, time resets to 14 sec/18 sec.

    • During a free throw, shot clock should be set to 14sec/18sec.  If offensive team gets the rebound, then they have 18 to shoot the basket, if the defensive team gets the rebound, then reset the shot clock to 24sec / 30sec


Stop clock, but NO reset (Watch for referee’s hand signals.)

  1. A ball having gone out-of-bounds. 

  2. A player of the same team having been injured. 

  3. A jump ball situation. 

  4. A double foul. 

    • Turn the clock off when there are fewer than twenty-four (24) seconds remaining on the game clock in any period.

    • The twenty-four second device signal does not stop the game clock or the game, nor cause the ball to become dead, unless a team is in a control of the ball.



  • Team Rosters.

    • Enter game rosters - full names and numbers! 

    • Include date, time & location (see reverse side for a sample).

    • Coach’s name and Asst Coach’s name (if there’s an assistant) should be printed at the bottom of the roster.


  • Scoring. 

    • Mark running score first with a slash “ / “ mark. 

    • Mark individual score second; “2” for a two-point score - “3” for a three-point score - full or empty circles to indicate made or missed free throws (1 point each)


  • Personal Fouls. 

    • Record personal fouls as “|” in ‘player fouls’ box next to the corresponding name.

    •  5 personal fouls = disqualification.

  • Technical Fouls. 

    • Marked as “T” - go towards personal and team foul totals. 

    • Mark coach’s ‘T’s’ next to their names


  • Timeouts. 

    • Are requested through the score table. 

    • Granted to requesting team at the next whistle or if the requesting team is scored upon.  Record all time outs on sheet next to team’s name.

    • Two (2) one minute timeouts in the first half; three (3) one minute timeouts in the second half per team. 

    • One (1) timeout per team per overtime period.  No carryovers. 

    • Note: Team will lose 1 time out on the last 2 mins if they did not use any of the 3 time outs on the 2nd half. Therefore, they will only have 2 time outs left in the last 2 mins.


  • Team Bonus. 

    • On every quarter, when a team gets their 5th team foul, the other team is in ‘bonus’ (2 shots will be given to the fouled player). 

    • Notify referee by sounding horn. 

    • All team fouls reset going into the next quarter.

  • Quarter and Halftime Breaks. 

    • Indicate what quarter and halftime scores are; separate 1st half team fouls by drawing long line down ‘fouls’ column; draw long ‘squiggle’ line down 1st half score box to prevent marking of 2nd half stats in 1st half columns.


  • Overtime.

    • Time-outs DO NOT carry over to the overtime period(s). 

    • Teams receive one timeout per overtime period (no carryover).



  • End of Game. 

    • Total all scores and write in “winning team” and “final score”. 

    • total all the individual points. 

    • home team / tournament host keeps original white copy. 

    • give yellow to “winning team” and pink to “losing team”.



Communicate with “timer” at all times to ensure game score is correct

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