Athletics Council 2019 -2020


Benefits of an Athletes Council

  • Gathering feedback from athletes and coaches.

  • Establishing a recognized and valued voice by coaches, Teacher Sponsors and Administration.

  • Developing leadership skills amongst student athletes.

  • Ability to hear and represent the diverse interests of the student athlete body and broader school community.

Key Deliverables of an Athletes’ Council

  • Represent a positive, effective community and a constructive voice on behalf of the student athletes at Burnett.

  • Present and coordinate with all established Athletic events.

  • Build leadership succession and leadership qualities within the athletic community and staff.

  • Provide an athletes report to the Athletic Director and Administrators.


Schedule of Major Athletic Events




Oct 21 – 28 - Accepting applications for Executive Membership. 10 positions available.

Nov 4 – 8 - General membership nominations and applications. 30 positions available representing all seasons and sports.

Nov 12 – 15 - First meeting of the 2019 – 2020 Breaker Athletics Council.

 Nov 25 – Dec 6 - Season Wrap-Up.




Nov - Athletics Clothing Store Opens.

Dec – Feb - Home Game Events.

Jan  - Breaker Classic Preparations.

Feb - Season Wrap-Up.




March 9 -13  - Breaker Classic.

Mar – May - Home Game Events.

May - Season Wrap-up.

May 28th - Athletic Banquet 

June - The Show at The Carnival.



Executive leadership


The following positions and tasks will be required and assigned for the Executive Council to accomplish alongside Sports Representatives who will make up the general membership.

President and Vice President – Chairs and organizes meetings, champions the council, fundraising, oversees production and direction of the annual report, works with a variety of committee concerns.


Vice President - Supports the president in working with different team leaders and committee concerns, works with all committees to produce the annual report, chairs and organizes meetings.


Communications - Collaborates with other school clubs, Student Council, teacher sponsors, social media, school Community, and Webpage.


Executive Manager - Meeting Minutes, Notes, Administrative duties, prepares presenting and filing of the annual report.


First aid - Manages first aid equipment and organizes first aid coverage for home games along with travel plans for away games, oversees program first aid procedures.  


Team Leaders


  • Equipment Management.

  • Managing student coaches and coaching training.

  • Sound and technical management.

  • Secures score table workers/volunteers and referees, trains workers and referees.

  • Operate and maintain the athletics clothing Store.

Executive Leadership positions with title are only open to student athletes in Grades 11/12.  Grade 10 student athletes may apply for Team Leader positions in the executive.  Executive Leadership is currently not accepting applicants from Grades 8 and 9. 

Deadline for applications is 3pm October 28th

Apply with courage and intention!

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